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Blessed MMA is a melting pot that brings people from all different walks of life together,
forming an all inclusive community that trains and grow together. Located in the heart of CBD Singapore, a mere 5 mins walk from Raffles Place MRT station, Blessed MMA conducts up to 70 classes, adding up close to 300 classes per month. We are one of the MOST active martial arts gym on the island! You’re bound to find a class timing that fits into your day to day schedule.

1 hour Sessions

Burn up to 500 calories during our Muay Thai , Boxing, BJJ, NOGI or MMA sessions!

Easily book your sessions

Book classes online with the Glofox application. All reservations and cancellations must be made three hours prior to the start of the class.

Complete shower suiteS

Blessed MMA has a changing room and full shower facility. Please bring a towel with you if you wish to shower after classes.


Choose to be inspired

Class Schedule

With sessions available throughout the day, you can book classes at a time that is convenient for you. Embark on your learning and fitness journey with Blessed MMA.


At Blessed MMA, everyone is welcomed. We always aim to create an inclusive training environment for people of all ages and fitness level.

Yes, you should! Our coaches will be around to motivate and adjust the pace of the training programmes.

Yes we do! Simply fill up the form above. We can also be contacted via email: info@blessedmma.com or call us at  88945953. You may also send us a message on Instagram (@blessedmmasg).

Get ready to be greeted by our friendly team of experienced coaches and learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, NOGI or MMA. All classes incorporates a variety of  body weight exercises and cardio training.

Muay Thai & Boxing

Do come in clothing suitable for cardio intensive workouts such as shorts and t-shirt. For first timers who are attending trial classes, boxing gloves will be provided.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

A BJJ Gi or sometimes known as Jiu Jitsu Kimono is required for BJJ classes. Gi will be provided to first timers who are attending trial classes. The team will liaise with you on Gi sizing.

No Gi grappling

Wear light & athletic clothings that are well fitted. Rashguards are recommended for No Gi classes.

Sparring Classes

Muay Thai – Mouth Guard, Shin Guards and boxing gloves.

Boxing – Mouth Guard, boxing gloves and head guard (optional).

Yes, we do have student packages! Do email us at info@blessedmma.com, direct message us on Instagram or WhatsApp us at +65 8894 5953 to sign up.

Yes you can! Do make your medical condition or injuries known to the coaches.

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